How to develop Telepathy: Build Long Distance Relationship

Is mind reading possible? Imagine the number of mistakes you can avoid within a day especially when you deal with people. Although it is impossible for humans to actually read the thoughts and feelings of others, they can efficiently infer these things through mindsets.

Silvan Solomon Tomkins and Paul Ekman, two extraordinary scientists who worked as a teacher and his student, contributed much to our understanding of mind reading. The instructor was Tomkins. The son of a Russian dentist, he was born in Philadelphia at the beginning of the past century.

A person who can read minds is called a psychologist by profession. Also mind readers can be referred as augur, channeller, clairvoyant, diviner, fortune-teller, haruspex, horoscopist, medium, mentalist, oracle, prophet, psychic, seer, soothsayer, telepathist, thought reader.

How to develop Telepathy

In my early days of my yoga journey, one basic thing you have to learn is the skills of balancing. The balancing of the mind helps you to relax your nerves whiles taking in deep breath slowly and exhale slowly. This technique of breathing is popularly known in the yoga society as the “Dragon Breathe” and in physics we call it the “Quantum Breathe” exercise.

You want to make sure you either sit in a chair upright or in the yoga siting position. Sleeping down flat can also be an option but not the best. Sleeping while taking in deep breath and exhaling will knock you into deep sleep in less than five (5) minutes. So either you sit in the yoga position or use chair to keep you awake throughout the process.

siting in yoga position
siting in yoga position

Telepathy also helps to keep a strong mental connection with your partner and a very helpful tool to use when you find yourself in a long distance relationship. Couples who practice telepathy achieve create things by tracking whatever happens in journals and for 99.9% of couples who commit to telepathy practice of mind reading in distance relationship shared common results in their journal like they had in person conversions.

To use telepathy, make sure you feel very relaxed and calm. Next thing you must do is to visualize the person right in front of you. This feels so real when you do it when without any form of disturbance. During this moment you are free to send any message you want with a strong focus. There is something we call the “jumping monkey thoughts” whiles you try to focus you will have other thoughts also trying to set into the whole picture but that is normal. Do not fight them, allow them to flow with time you can control it.

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