60 Easy Ways To Practice Love Languages

Understanding your own and your partner’s love languages might help you both get what you want out of the relationship. When one person’s love language is words of affirmation, insulting them will hurt them more than it will another person. Additionally, if you withheld affection for days and their preferred form of communication is physical touch, your partner would become discouraged.  The other love languages work in a similar way; if they are not acknowledged, your partner will feel neglected.

 You only need to understand how your partner feels loved and desired, then use their love language to show them your affection.

You can practice these love languages as simply as possible; all you need to do is put up the effort to show genuine devotion through your actions.

Physical Touch

Here, affection and excitement are expressed nonverbally through touch and body language. One of the simplest forms of intimacy is physical touch, which can also foster emotional closeness despite being just physical. 

Show your partner how you love them by;

  1. Dancing to your partner’s favourite music 
  2. Kissing your partner every chance you get
  3. Giving your partner foot rubs 
  4. Taking a shower together 
  5. Applying moisturiser on your partner 
  6. Touching your partner’s face
  7. Hugging your partner from behind 
  8. Random thigh or arm touches when you are having a conversation. 
  9. Helping your partner put on a necklace 
  10. Tickling your partner  
  11. Scratching and rubbing your partner’s back
  12. Cuddling your partner in her sleep 

Quality Time

This type of love language calls for uninterrupted time and complete focus on your partner. Lovelies, spending quality time with someone is less about the activity you do and more about being present and having the chance to show them you care.

Spend some quality time with your partner by;

  1. Watching the sunset together
  2. Learning new hobbies together as a couple
  3. Reading a book to your partner 
  4. Watching your favourite movies together 
  5. Making “relationship goals” videos 
  6. Taking a painting class together 
  7. Preparing a new recipe with your partner 
  8. Taking your partner along when running errands 
  9. Going in road trips with your partner 
  10. Scheduling regular dates with your partner 
  11. Engaging in quality conversations 
  12. Solving puzzles together with your partner 

Acts of Service 

All you need to do to perform this act of service is to be aware of your partner’s individual preferences and do your best to acknowledge and respect them by going out of your way to do so while providing for them. This will also give them the impression that they can rely on you to take care of the little things. 

Here are some ways you can practice acts of service;

  1. Making your partner’s favourite meal
  2. Cracking a joke to cheer your partner up 
  3. Sharing an ice-cream with your partner 
  4. Surprising your partner with a planned date 
  5. Helping your partner with a task with he/she asking 
  6. Organising your partner’s drawers or closets
  7. Filling up your partner’s fuel tank 
  8. Giving your partner a weekend off
  9. Running your partner’s errands so he/she can relax 
  10. Promoting your partner’s business in any way you can 
  11. Opening the door for your partner
  12. Asking your partner how you can help to make him/her feel better

Words of Affirmation

If words of affirmation are your partner’s love language, then you need to let them know all the time how much you care. Your partner needs to hear you genuinely express your feelings and emotions through words.

  1. Even when things seem difficult, I want you to know how much I appreciate the hard effort you put in for us. 
  2. You are such a blessing in my life. 
  3. If you need me to help my , please let me know; I will do everything in my power to support you. 
  4. You are so hardworking, it makes you fantastic! 
  5. You should be a model, wow everything looks good on you. 
  6. I blush whenever I hear you call out my name, that’s the effect you have on me. 
  7. You are so beautiful, it hurts my eyes. 
  8. Thank you for being such a wonderful partner. 
  9. You make me so proud to be your lover. 
  10. I love spending time with you. 
  11. You drive me crazy. 
  12. You are my home, my love! 

The Gifts Love Language 

Lovelies, most people who are not aware of the gift love language assume that the recipient is a materialistic person, but that is not the case. The act itself is a sign of affection and kindness. The concept behind the gift, rather than the actual item itself, is what matters most.

Ways you can practice the gift love language;

  1. Creating a playlist for your partner with songs he/she might be interested in. 
  2. Ordering your partner’s favourite food 
  3. Getting your partner gift vouchers and coupons 
  4. Sending your partner care packages at home
  5. Giving your partner random “money” gifts 
  6. Buying your partner merchandise from their favourite stores or show. 
  7. Pampering your partner with a vacation 
  8. Surprising your partner with flowers at work or home 
  9. Secretly putting treats in your partner’s bag
  10. Gifting them an autograph from your partner’s favourite celebrities 
  11. Buying your partner new clothes
  12. Picking out a card for your partner at the store

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