50 Affordable First Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you two celebrating Valentine’s Day for the first time? Are you having trouble deciding what to get your boyfriend or girlfriend?  Do you feel like it would be too cringe if you gift out extravagantly? Lovelies! I’m here to tell you not to worry, I’ve got you covered. 

Valentine’s Day is widely observed and is a “big deal” for most couples, thus everyone attempts to come up with creative ways to express their love and affection through giving gifts.

Finding the ideal present might be fairly difficult for new couples who are now joining in the Valentine’s Day festivities. When it’s your first Valentine’s together, especially if you two are taking it slow, I always advise you not to go overboard with the gift-giving. I advise you to start with the simplest and most affordable gifts before working your way up to the more expensive ones.

The five senses technique is the most effective way to handle gifts. Finding the ideal present for your boyfriend or girlfriend using this approach is simpler when the gift possibilities are categorised. 

With these present suggestions, you can never go wrong.

Affordable First Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The list of inexpensive presents for your boyfriend or girlfriend is shown below, organised by senses.


  1.  Reservations for Valentine’s Day dinner at his or her favourite restaurant 
  2. A bottle of wine or champagne 
  3. A box of chocolates
  4. A home cooked dinner 
  5. A favourite treat 
  6. Food spices 
  7. Heart shaped candies
  8. Food coupons 
  9. Cigar pack 
  10. A jar of cookies 


  1. A pair of sweatpants 
  2. A beard grooming kit  
  3. A pair of socks 
  4.  Massage oils 
  5. A spa date 
  6. A dance to your favourite music 
  7. Matching bathrobes
  8. Sweatpants 
  9. Skincare products 
  10. A pair of sneakers 


  1. A pair of sunglasses 
  2. Movie tickets 
  3. Books 
  4. Jewellery 
  5. Framed Photos 
  6. Movie subscription 
  7. Personalised mugs
  8. Key holders or keychains
  9. Phone covers 
  10. A Valentine’s Day card


  1. Favourite cologne or perfume 
  2. Scented candles 
  3. Essential oils 
  4. Bath salts 
  5. A bouquet of flowers 
  6. Spa sets
  7. Aftershave creams 
  8. Humidifier 
  9. Perfume oils
  10. Air freshener 


  1. Headphones 
  2. Musical concert tickets 
  3. Playlist of favourite songs 
  4. Audiobooks 
  5. Music box 
  6. Music subscription 
  7. Any musical instrument 
  8. Alarm clock 
  9. A radio
  10. Bluetooth speaker 

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